Modernize your logo

When your logo is used for several years it might be time to polish it up to make it fit in the modern world of web graphics. The point is that customers already associate your old logo with you brand. Make the changes too radical and you throw the precious built up customer recognition in the bin.

Take a look how the VolksWagen logo evolved over the decades. Certainly, the World War 2 logo as it is would be unacceptable nowadays, but the V placed above and extending the W is still there.

Mao Casella, resident in Sharm El-Sheikh (Egypt), made logo redesign his specialty. To get the idea, below the full article many "before and after" examples of his hand are displayed.

If you consider a skillful rebranding as part of your maketing, don't hesitate to contact him.

Showcase: Automatically convert an online price list in multiple currencies

Automatically convert your pricelist to multiple currenciesIn tourism  normally multiple currencies are accepted (hotels, restaurants, diving centers). Many times an online pricelist with a different version for each currency is desired. Untill recently the office staff had to review  price lists weekly and update them based on the current exchange rates.

We wanted to avoid this tedious and error prone job for our customers and developed a self converting online pricelist in Euro, US dollar, Pound Sterling and the local currency (in our case the Egyptian Pound).

Facebook Fan page development

Get "Likes"A Facebook Fan page is an excellent tool to get people engaged. Once they "Liked" your page they will get your new posts on their wall. But how to get people to "Like" your page?

It doesn't differ from what attracts visitors on a normal website:

  • let people find it.
    • link to it anywhere you can
    • use the Like box widget on your site
    • post on other FB pages as the page's username
  • offer regular updated quality content
  • have a clear functionality.

Now, how to get content with a certain functionality on your Fan page? Well recently Facebook opened up by allowing iFrames to be used. What's an iFrame? An iFrame allows you to display content from website A on the page of website B. For example to embed a YouTube video on your site via iFrame. This way Facebook takes  strain away from their own servers while giving more flexibility to the Fan page owners. The content displayed in the iFrame runs on other servers.

The key for you and your Facebook page is now that you can display your website on your Facebook page. It will show in the middle column that is normally used for the main content. It's 810px wide in the new Timeline layout (was 520px).   read more »

A blog vs a static business website

Blog vs versus staticWhy should you choose a blog style website over a static site for a business site?

A blog:
  • shows you're an expert in your field
  • gets you Googled sooner
  • have visitors more likely to return to your site and subscribe to your newsletter
  • have visitors more likely to react on or share your content

Showcase: SS Thistlegorm website redesigned

Thistlegorm screenshotThe reasons to redesign this website:

  • adding the ability for the client to edit or add content themselves
  • a new fresh look, suitable for viewing on smartphones (added march 2012)
  • a need for visitor statistics (web analytics) is mainly a simple informative site about the homonymous SS Thistlegorm book.

The simplest HTML for a "Home" and "Back to top" link that works in all browsers

Go up, please!Simple because you can copy and paste this code to put in the footer area without changing anything. No need to put custom urls.
<a href="/">HOME</a> always links to the highest "root" domain.
<a href="#">TOP</a> is a not defined id tag that results in a link to the top of the actual page.

<a href="/" title="Back to the Home page"><b>HOME</b></a> | <a href="#" title="To the top of this page"><b>BACK TO TOP</b></a>


Put this in your site footer so it shows up on every page consistently, long or short, so it's something your visitors can count on. The Home link is useful because this is where most people would go after reaching the top navigation menu. Besides saving them some scrolling, you save them a click.

Showcase: Diving Bikers. Using third party services

DivingBikers.netThe Diving Bikers website is an example of extensive use of third party services.

But can't we provide an upload for the photos ourself or run a video player on our own server? Yes, we can and we did in the past, but let's sum up some of the advantages of using third party services:  

Make your <a>nchors clever

Clever anchorsJump to section:

Section one
This is the classic:
<a name="section-1">Section one</a>

Section two
Preferred would be: 
<a id="section-1">Section two</a>
This anchor we mistakenly also called section-1. The link for Section one goes here, instead of the above, demonstrating the id attribute has priority over the name.

Section three
Here we used:
 <a href="/drupal-developers-bluehost/make-your-anchors-clever#section-3" id="section-3">Section three</a>
Clever because as you hover over the anchor it reacts as a link that can be copied with the right-click. More inviting for others to link to sections of your pages than having to find the tag name in the source code.   read more »

Gems from the issue queues

Sometimes you don't need yet another module, but simply a certain configuration of Views or other mainstream module you already use to accomplish something you want. Think of all the times you solved a problem thanks to the issue cue.

Redirect to the www version (or not?)

 WWW or not?Most of us know that it's not SEO wise to have both a www and none www version of a website coexisting. We choose one and make a permanent 301 redirect from one to the other.
What to use? Well, most people will tell you it really doesn't matter. I prefer to use www. Why?
Without it, it's not always clear we are dealing with a website address, especially between other data.